MOVET Community

What is MOVET?

It’s a community meant to support each other while trying to reach our full potential.

Change is challenging, and most of us lack the network to get qualified feedback. So we are here to go through the challenges with you.


I created MOVET for the purpose of helping people to find their starting point.

Join me and hundreds of others to become a better person you were yesterday!

Who I Am.

I’m Niclas, a German US American who is passionate about racing, building a supportive community at MOVET Fit, and an automotive photographer.

Personal Development is a huge part of fundamental success. Open mindness towards change will lead to success whether it is your career, relationships, and financial success.

Also worth to mention, Change Is Painful, and with the right support you will get through your pain.

The MOVET Podcast

An interview type of podcast where Founders and Content Creators share the obstacles they had to overcome.

We all started somewhere, and we want to show that all of us are human beings still trying to figure it all out.

MOVET Fit - The Community I Needed When I Started Growing

Become part of the community and let us thrive together

Let’s make your dream come true.

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