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The Story Behind This Survey

I want to share a story my friend went through earlier this year. I was extraordinarily disappointed with how she was treated and what she had to go through. She asked me to change up the name for privacy reasons.

Let’s name her Jennifer. Jennifer drives a 7-year-old Mercedes-Benz SUV. She was heading to drop off her child and head to the office right after. 

This was when things started to turn into a nightmare. The car went into an emergency mode where the car only gave enough power to get ahead very slowly. She knew something wasn’t right.

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So, she was frustrated enough that the current gas prices and living expenses just went through the roof in the bay area. Now the car needs to be fixed, which will probably cost her a leg and an arm.

Now, she needed an auto shop and googled Mercedes-Benz specialists near her. When looking for a shop, she strictly wanted to use an independent shop because they were supposed to be less expensive and have the same quality work. So, she clicked on the first result and called the shop. Luckily they could take her car and diagnose the issue. 

After a week, Jenny received a call from the shop, asking her to come in. So they can talk about what they’ve found and what options she had. Jenny agreed and went to the shop. She was worried and afraid to hear that the car needed to go and that she had to buy a new car.

The conversation went well; luckily, it was just a few things, and the cost was estimated at $700. Then, Jennifer called me and asked if this sounded right. 

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My second year of working in a shop / Age 19

Why me, you ask?

I am a certified German Master Tech. This certification is needed if I ever decide to start an auto repair shop. In addition, I have over 8 years of experience working in a dealership and independent repair shop. So she knew if someone knew that, it’ll be me.

I mentioned it seemed reasonable, although I was skeptical about the price. I was expecting a little higher price. So I went ahead and looked at their website and checked their reviews on Google and Facebook.

They only had roughly 70-100 reviews, and the average was at 3,5 stars. But the reviews didn’t help me identify how they operate. It was a 1 Star > 5 Star, then another hate review, and another top-notch review. This didn’t help. So I couldn’t be much help to her in this very moment.

She went ahead and agreed on the figures and expected the car to be ready in 10 days. However, when Jenny finally returned to get her car, and her bill was almost twice as high!

Almost TWICE as high!!

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The bill she was presented with was $1275.87. They needed to replace another thing because it was also damaged and needed to be repaired.

She was furious and didn’t know what to do. So the argument went on, and she left without her car. And she told me about the situation. She didn’t know whether she should call a lawyer or not.

Luckily, she didn’t have to pay for the extra cost. But it was a very frustrating month to get by.

I was so shocked that I wanted to help her find a good auto shop that is reliable, trustworthy, and communicative about extra repairs that need to be done.

So, this is where I found out that many people, especially women and older people, get ripped off, who don’t have experience with cars and don’t know hardly anything about cars.

Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA

California, especially the East Bay Auto Repair Shops, must be more trustworthy and honest with their work.

People who don’t know much about cars should not be overcharged, NEVER. 

I am for the people who just don’t know better and trust their shop’s capabilities and honesty on how they do business.

This survey will help me to let auto shops know what they need to work on to make you as a customer happy and satisfied. In addition, your suggestion will help smaller shops improve their service while shady shops lose customers.

Let’s create a better place.

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