How to get what​​ you want in life

I will explain how to get where you want to be in life. Mentor advice for those who are afraid to take action. Also for those who doesn't know what to do in life.

How To Be ​Successful

Today I will write about my thoughts about success and how to get successful in life. Lately, I had an interesting conversation with a teenager at a Coffee Shop close by. He ( approx. 16ish-17ish) asked me a question because of my appearance. He said: "Excuse me, Sir? May I ask you what you do? … Continue reading How To Be ​Successful

Does Success mean you have a lot of Money

Recently, I was involved in an interesting conversation about money and how close or far related it is to succeed. And the overall measurement with Money and Success. So, is money really important to have success or being successful and can you say that money is equal to success? ( Meaning the highly successful person is … Continue reading Does Success mean you have a lot of Money