How to get what​​ you want in life

I will explain how to get where you want to be in life. Mentor advice for those who are afraid to take action. Also for those who doesn't know what to do in life.

The Habit Of Trying To Get Better

The Habit of getting better even if you're doing well.Good or bad?

6 Easy ways – How to find out what to do after graduating from Highschool

The important question before you are about to graduate Highschool I think it is very difficult to think what we are truly want to do in our life. So, therefore, we ask ourselves what should I pursue careerwise. We think there are soo many options and possibilities to choose from. If you really think about … Continue reading 6 Easy ways – How to find out what to do after graduating from Highschool

First Post As An Introduction

Hi there! This Post is supposed to be the real first step to tell you about my path to Success. Before I am going to tell you what I do for it or what my plans are, I'll tell you my story how it actually started to be interested in the "entrepreneurial world" and why … Continue reading First Post As An Introduction

What Defines Success

Everybody is defining Success as followed ” A ton of money, a huge house ,and a dozen cars and travel when and where I want to go is Success". If you truly think about it. You’ll start realizing that is just a part of being successful. 

How do I start a business? (Part I)

With what task should I start? I started 2 businesses in my life, closed them down and I am just 24 years old. Of course, I failed because all the knowledge what I have did not teach me How I should start properly. I got to learn how I organize myself and What I need … Continue reading How do I start a business? (Part I)