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Welcome to Diary – Entrepreneur.

What is the > Diary – Entrepreneur < ?

Diary – Entrepreneur is my Step-by-Step description How I got into the Entrepreneur Path. Of course updated as soon as anything changes.

This Pages will show you my journey being an Entrepreneur. The get the Motivation and inspiration for this Blog from asking and researching around i.e. “How to be an Entrepreneur” and my case is very special. If you are interested in reading my Story before I decided to take this serious than Check the > About <.

I had so many excuses why I can’t do anything about It and there were so many opportunities what I probably have missed just because of those excuses. Once again I started getting serious about being an Entrepreneur was when I turned 24. And came to the United States with really really bad English speaking skills.

When I saw a great opportunity I realized that the Employment in Germany was really bad for my interest in self-discipline and creativity.

The longer you work for somebody the less creative you get related to these things what you really want in life.