Face Your Problems By Making Money

This blog is for those you want to provide. Whether you are a man who is single and want to find a girl you can provide to. Or you are a woman with two kids who wants to provide the best education for their children.

I am Niclas Haritos, founder and CEO of V Eight Marketing, a Marketing and Sales Optimization company for automotive Service Providers.

Growing as an individual is tough, exhausting, uncertain, and lonely from time to time. And I say that because I’ve always had some sort support from some people I love within my family.

However, I knew they were worried and didn’t understand why I make those choices in my life.

My personality is a gift and I hope I can transfer some of that gift to you. I am a very optimistic person. Some call it fake optimism, and fake positivity. But it all comes from a place where I define happiness is an illusion we try to reach for.

Now, some of those who read this will feel triggered, which by the way is not my intention at all, but that’s just the way I think and that is how I got from A to B.

To make myself more compelling to you, I am a very confident person if I know what I am doing. But if it’s something that interferes with my internal beliefs I struggle a lot. I will have extraordinary insecurities about that skill, mindset, or roadblock. Especially if I have to sell something to people I personally don’t believe in.

Also worth to mention, I am a great employee. As soon as I get a task I need to get done… It’ll get done better than anybody else has done it in the past. The problem, the thing I really want to do in life will never be reached if I stay as an employee for the next decade.

It’s on me to solve the problem by making more money and become rich so I can do this what I really enjoy doing.

So, welcome to my official website.

Dedicate Yourself To Freedom

One of my most recent Heros/Mentors is Alex Hormozi who owns acquesition.com. Before I discovered him as an individual, I already had most of the same belief systems. Whether it’s relationships, friendships, wisdom, investing, the goal from broke to wealthy. From making an ok living to define a lifestyle on your terms… work as much as you please and don’t let people get in your head by saying you need a work life balance.

However, I truly believe that you can make most problems disappear when making money, using money as a tool and invest the money that will make YOUR dream lifestyle come true.

When discovering my website,

Personal Growth

Personal growth & development is something highly successful people work on every day. When I say highly successful, I mean genuinely happy people with their lives in areas like love, financially, and career. The people who are occupied with their life improvements rather than excuses and thoughts that hinder them from executing challenging tasks.

You’ll find tools and apps that help you build healthy habits and increase your happiness.

MOVET Community

When I started out in the US, I had no friends or guides that led me in the right direction. So I struggled a lot to find people who are beneficial to my life and are worth the efforts to build and maintain a valuable friendship.
So I created MOVET to help people to find their starting point.

Join me and hundreds of others to become a better person than you were yesterday!

Automotive Photography

Automotive photography is a hobby of mine I discovered in mid-2021. I learned a lot about photography and what photography means to her through a friend. I decided to try it myself and bought a used camera and tried taking pictures of things I personally appreciated the most, sunsets, mountains, and cars.

I fell in love with the visual demonstration of what a luxury automobile’s art can look like, and I decided to do this more intensively. I contacted Mercedes-Benz in Germany, which led me to an opportunity to show my skills and creativity with photography.

Do You Rather Watch Videos? I got you covered!

Let’s make your dream come true.

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Face Your Problems By Becoming Rich