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A blog that lets you grow in any direction you desire. Being positive at any given time is not an easy task to accomplish but once you reach that state you will find yourself in a position that most call “lucky”.

What You Will Find

This blog is about several topics around my journey, Social Media Marketing, Business, and eventually Economy.
Let’s make things easier to find you will find 3 categories which are Business, Personal Growth and Marketing.

Personal Growth, you will find the majority of my personal references that makes it easier for you to understand how to use the principles I talk about.

Business will cover all the changes that are happening around the world that relates to the stock market, the economy itself and topics that might caused my curiosity.

Marketing is mostly connected with my agency which is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Focused on Social Media Marketing and trends that might lead several people to exponential growth and popularity.

The One Thing You Will Need Is Dedication.

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The OverAchiever Community

One of my biggest goal is to educate and assist kids to create faith and believe in their own capabilities. The very first step of ever successful person starts with their own vision of their potential.

Feel free to connect with me and support those who need a little support doing so.
Ask me about the OverAchiever Community and be part of something incredible that will help others and ultimately our community.