About Me

Welcome everyone to my Blog. I am glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy reading my Posts all around my Journey becoming an entrepreneur but also a business person. I came from a place where entrepreneurship was considered as a failure and I had no showcases that entrepreneurship really works. I share my knowledge as well as my Steps I am going through to get better day after day.

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Here is some basic information about myself:


Sitting and enjoying the Sunset in San Francisco at the Twin Peaks🙌


My Name is Niclas Haritos, started this Blog when I was 24. My journey as an regular happy employee stopped pretty soon after graduation as an Master Technician in Germany (Major Automotive and Business Administration).

I realized that outside of my comfort zone are so many opportunities and possibilities to have a greater and better life than the typical 9-5 life.

So my start getting an Entrepreneur started and failed right away. I was depressed why it failed and was going to start the regular 9-5 work schedule.

Thanks to Prince ea and Jay Shetty. My way of thinking has forever changed and now I am able to face my fear of trying something new. I left Germany with one Suitcase and a Loan debt in Germany which I paid fully off while I struggled here in the US.

Besides my financial issues I was still confident about my mental capabilities and got a lot of support by the most incredible person who I met in my life. She always spend time, convincing me and put trust in me which gave me enormous power. – Relationships are great –

I also have and had dreams which I gave up because of lack in confidence. My Pilot-career of Motorsport was successful until I got convinced by wrong people in my life. People who were jealous about this opportunity which they never had. Irritated by people who called themselves friends. Highschool- Age can be the most dangerous age in life. Unfortunately nobody (Neither family nor the living Area has the power to influent the Kid as much as the circle of friends).

After catching up on my dreams I realized that it took me over 6 years to get back the lost confidence. I had to “restart” the believe in myself.

Even after the break-up, I am glad that she made me stay here longer than planned. Thank you, K. For giving me the words I needed to hear in those bad days I had to face.

Since mid-2018, I dived into e-commerce and different opportunities to get that financial freedom I’ve planned on.

End-2018 I started reading personal development Books which helped me to think broader and open up my mind. This Book here by Napoleon Hill did the greatest Job to be curious to expand and gain knowledge even better.

“You can handle the world. Stay focused and keep it up to get that whatever you want” – Niclas Haritos

Niclas H 🤙🙃