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In November 2015, I decided to start my very first business.
Auto detailing with a pickup and delivery service.

When you are a 21 year old and try to sell a detailing job,
you most likely get a “NO” response without hesitation.

Especially if you look like this.

The idea was brilliant. There was one problem, though.🤨

Sales & Marketing 💰

At 21 years, there was almost no experience in sales or
marketing. Heck, I didn’t even know what marketing was.

On top of it, I am an introvert, big time. I don’t like talking about myself.

Now, this is my way of giving support and encouragement.

I dedicate this blog to helping you grow.

Yes, you, who doesn’t have no access to
business owners, investors, or supercar owners

Sitting in a Range Rover — First Job from a Stranger

Thrive in Life 📈

Growing and thriving is easier said than done.

If you have a big heart like me, you will understand how hard it is to say no to people you love.

It is for those who want to get more in life and want to grow

Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, Romantically, and Financially

Because this was what I want for you - Growth.

Yet, your introverted personality creates a huge roadblocks…

So, I hope this blog will encourage you to get started.

Let’s make your Dream come true - Enjoy! 🙂

Niclas Haritos Automotive Photography
Being an “Always” Optimist turned out to be useful – by Ion Rother

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My Micro Blog 👉 Twitter

Inspired by Jon Yongfook & Steph Smith . And the entire startup community in general.

Twitter is a great way to make a quick note if you don’t feel like writing an essay.

I got this idea from several books and podcasts but Jon & Steph gave me the visual example of how you can apply it to your journey.

So if you feel like you want to see more unfiltered updates than Twitter is the best place to see the raw footage of me building the unthinkable.

So Why Micro-Blogging?

My relationship with reading & writing was extremely poor.

I hated reading, and writing was just not something I couldn’t find enjoyable. ( At least in a money making sense )

Over the years, I created small habits to enjoy reading… It’s time to do the same with writing.

This is my way of establishing a new habit… and eliminating friction as much as possible.

The goal is to document my journey. And eventually inspire you to do one step at a time… no matter how small those steps are…

Early Life in Munich, Germany

  • Graduated from high school and started as an automotive trainee tech
  • Grasped ambition to graduate 6 months earlier to become a MasterTech
  • Graduated as one of the youngest MasterTechs in Germany at 21 years old
  • Started a mobile detailing company that failed due to a lack of business knowledge
  • Built a 5 figure loan hole because of the lack of discipline
  • Looked for a different industry and got hired as a manager for internal website building
  • Started to stare at several german movies and TV-shows
  • 2016 Summer decision felt to leave everything behind to take the risk – Now or Never

Life in Monterey, California

  • First and loneliest Christmas and saddest New Years celebration
  • Lack of English skill caused a huge setback to find any jobs
  • My first job as a Parts Advisor – Outperformed team within 2 months
  • Met first true and most valuable friend
  • The move into a mobile home
  • Started a hookah brand for the European and US market – failed due to lack of capital
  • Begin of learning several different Marketing channels (SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.)
  • The decision of moving back to Germany
  • An unexpected job offer in the San Francisco Bay Area

Life in San Francisco Bay, California

  • 2018 – The biggest mental and financial change
  • Starting at the new company
  • Debt in Germany could get paid off within 2 months
  • Learn about Sales & Marketing in-depth and hands-on
  • The BreakUp was driven by self-care and future focus
  • Noticing trend where restaurants are closing due to lack of online presence
  • Lack of money habits drove me right back where I started ( without debt this time )
  • Willingness to learn and started to practice investments into Stocks
  • Invested portfolio lost over 60%
  • Serious learning and practicing Investments (Study with Books, Podcasts, and Articles)
  • 2019 Started first agency – failed due to lack of self-discipline
  • 2020 started the second agency successfully