Personal Growth

Becoming a new person has a lot to do with personal development. Growth is painful, and you will miss some things. While I went through most of the pain by myself, I thought I share my experience with you to see that you are not alone.

I spent weeks, days, and hours of sweat, tears, and emotional pain to discover what I liked and wanted in life. I met incredible people on the way, and some of them became family to me.

So here are some tools I got introduced to, and I wanted to share those with you. This includes books, courses, apps, and other resources to keep track of your progress.

Self-Care Apps helped me to become better in various areas of my life.

From meditation to affirmations, I had to learn those kind of things and those apps helped me to get it done.

In Personal Development Books you’ll find a variety of books.

It ranges from self-improvement, personal finance, marketing, selling, and business.

When I first started out I haven’t had a clue what to do and what Development Tools I should use. Especially when I got several books I tried to memorize.

So you’ll find tools that will help you navigate you through all of the new stuff you’re going to learn.

I tried a lot of different things before I ended up with this what I am doing today. So I figured I share those Recommended Courses with you and give my personal opinion to it.

Then, you can decide yourself if you want to make that investment or save the money for a different kind of investment.

Let’s create a better place.

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