Personal Growth

How to use Personal Growth

Books, tricks and experiences that allowed me to become a better person. I am far away from a expert but I feel confident to share what has helped me

Whether it is in personal life, personal finance or business. The personal development journey is the biggest piece of advice I want to share with you. So you’ll be able to avoid the pain I had to walk through.

Does Journaling help me

Does Journaling Really Work?

You hear a lot of people talking about how journaling has helped them to become better in life, business, or even their financials. I explain how I felt to the journal. I also let you know if it is worth a try. Also, you will find a system I’ve been using to make it very easy to start… Learn more

Finding My Purpose

I lost my focus for quite some time. I did not know why I am trying to start a business. It was not for the freedom, and it was not for showing off. Was it to make the world a better place? Unfortunately, that was not the case either. I got to admit you will have to … Learn more

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You need structure

The Importance of Structure

Dogs are surprisingly very similar in behavior compared to us humans. We all know that problem dog that starts barking because something is not normal. Dog trainers call this “loss of their life’s structure.” But it turns out that dogs are very similar to us humans. Especially when … Learn more

Hold Yourself Accountable

Holding yourself accountable might be easy for some people, but I know that I struggle with it a lot. While I was thinking of why I was having such a hard time with it, I tried a different approach. What if it is less about holding yourself accountable but more about the commitment you set yourself. I say, “The moment you…
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Battle Against Bad Habits

Getting back on track is sometimes more difficult than expected. My habits aren’t as solid as they are supposed to, which I have to work on. It took me quite some time to get back where I was used to this time. So I had to assess myself and see why I struggle to…
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Decision Making Skills

Making a firm decision is more challenging than you might think, regardless of what area of your life, from Love, Family, or Business. We all try to see a glimpse behind the curtains before we make a choice. Yet, we might never find out what truly hides behind it. I got to a point where…
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Do Masterminds Work?

You might ask yourself if Mastermind groups really help. I was in the same position exactly a year ago, and I wasn’t quite sure about the answer. I knew that I have to surround myself with the right people. But I wasn’t quite sure how and where to find them. Today, I think I can provide myself and you with an answer that makes sense and is actionable…
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A Very Dry Excuse Why I Wasn’t Consistent

I lost track of writing my Blog, AGAIN! But I have a slight excuse that might make it okay not to follow through with my Blogging habit. The excuse is… I’ve started a Youtube Channel. That Youtube Channel, as of right now, serves as my daily log for…
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Too Many Goals Equal No Goals

Some of us strive for unique goals, and some of us don’t have any goals in our imagination. But I found common ground between those who have dreams to those who haven’t.
And I was shocked to see the same results for both of…
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My Post For Accountability — For Me

My next attempt to stay consistent with writing. This post is not meant to read but more for me as a statement to myself that every start isn’t easy. I have a goal that has a time limit and the only way to get there is to write every day without an excuse to skip. Eventually, I reach my goal which is …
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The Big Lie Of Starting A Business

Not all of us start a business to make the world a better place. Some of us want to have the profit, and other prefer to get the attention like myself. Here’s a short story how I felt it and how long it take to actually get…
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Is Your Next Purchase An Investment?

Identifying an asset isn’t as straightforward as you want it. I elaborate further to find out whether your next purchase is led by a strategy to make more money or just a poor decision to loose money and distract you from your business goals. But most importantly is that…
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Pick A Hobby That Suits Your Dream Life

It is important to define your goal and I will explain how you get there. It all starts with the hobby that has something to do with your goal. You might be wondering how you will end up at your desired destination and that’s why you’ll need to start…
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