Motivation or Procrastination?

“I lost motivation.” or ” I have to be motivated to wake up early”. Well, I am very confident to say we all find excuses if we start looking for them. I will explain why motivation is being used for procrastination rather than to start your project.

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Motivation Is The Spark

Before I write about the downside of motivation I will tell you the upside of it. You probably have seen some of the great feelings you’ve experienced when you were confident about your choice whatever you decided to do. That incredible increasing heartbeat feeling of taking action of your well-thought plan. If easy and simple or more challenging and complex. That one feeling that feels like little tiny sparks in your fingertips when you start to talk about it. I need to admit this one feeling is the most incredible feeling I’ve could ever experience. Yet, this feeling makes you enormously powerful. That’s the description I would use to explain the feeling of being motivated.

Motivation as your tool for Joy

That would be a deeper level of “the” motivation. The modern western world pretends often to hope for the best but don’t care as much for you and your motivation and successes. I love to motivate others to a better person than they were before. It makes me enjoy being a human being and encourage others to be better. It helps me to get better as well to keep up my game so to speak. That kind of motivation would count more towards a long term form of motivation than just a quick spark of your feelings. Unfortunately, it takes more time to have that kind of motivation developed. But therefore, it will last longer.

 Motivation and Execution

If you are in the minority then you take a significant amount of execution to fulfill the desire of your motivational feelings. Regardless of the amount of action that is required to succeed. But that’s where it stops for most of us. We start thinking about the responsibility that will come with that idea. The number of possible failures we might face… which leads usually to the motivation without execution.

We experience those HABITS more than a couple of times and without knowing it, we’ve built a habit that causes us to seek motivation to do things rather than execute them.

i.E.: You are working at a medium Size Company your income is $50.000/year and your Coworkers are great. Your Supervisor is usually a pain in the ass and never gives raises or something else for free. But luckily you rarely see your Manager anyways. Someone within your family tells you about an opportunity in the same city you are living in and better pay $10K more a year but the same tasks. You decide not to take action because everything just works fine and there is nothing you technically can complain about. Because now you would need to create your Resume, you might have to prepare yourself for a couple of interviews with that new company, new coworkers, new systems, new ways to learn how to do things. It’s just soo overwhelming. And you just feel like motivated to do those kinds of changes.

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Motivation becomes Procrastination

Now, since we’ve built a strong fundamentally correct habit based on some incorrect facts. We worsen the habit by doing that habit over and over again. Until we get to the point we won’t start anything anymore without a huge amount of motivation. We rather use motivation than logic to start great ideas.

Let’s use the same scenario from above and add some bad things to it. Your coworkers you liked the most quit or got laid off and the way how your company did certain things changed their procedures. Your new coworker becomes more successful since it’s a relative from your manager. You feel treated unfair and all of a sudden your comfort zone became your nightmare. You watch motivational Videos to get through those tough days. And eventually one day you’ve decided taking action. But before doing that idea you just had you want to watch another motivational speech from a great speaker. After that 10 min motivational speech you finally sit down and work on that thing you thought about earlier today. You grab your stuff and gather everything together so you can start. But wait, you need more motivation. You decide to find that other video you recently watched 2 weeks ago. So you scroll through your phone and start seeking for that video because that started your initial idea.

100 minutes later, and you haven’t found the video yet. And you are about to lose your motivational state of doing something. You decided to get back on the couch since it’s more comfortable to find the video you are trying to find. another 30 min passes and your motivation completely evaporated. You were so greedy and used to be highly motivated to do something and you procrastinated as long as possible to avoid the work to avoid potential failure.

Avoid Motivation to take Action

Well, here I am and telling you to stop being motivated. NO, just stop looking for motivation. But at the same time, you need to thrive for something good. But building something nice gets easier to accomplish when you are not motivated at all. Yeah, I know. Why would I do something if I am not motivated? Great question and I need to admit that I do not know what it is. but the rate of my friends I know of making an impactful change while being motivated than not being consciously motivated is surprising. So I tried it out.

I started taking cold showers. I hate taking cold showers. I educated myself on the benefits of showering cold and made sure it is true what some of the motivational speakers mentioned and verified it even with a doc. One, two and three weeks passed by and one night I decided to take a cold shower… randomly without any thought behind that decision. The day after I decided to shower cold as well. No Hot water at all. Not warm water at the beginning. Just plain cold water… As mentioned earlier I still hate the cold showers… Fast forward it’s been 9 Months without warm or Hot water showers.

My take on for you is this: Don’t waste time to “get” motivated. But be motivated to have serious thoughts about positive changes. and then just take action. No promises just action. the promise will come through after time.

What is going to be your next step? Let us know and motivate others what you want to change. The smaller the change might is the easier it becomes to change that. – Be Great –

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