The ONE Step that will change your life

Have you ever been afraid of something? You really wanted to do it but the final step of taking action did not happen? Today, something great happened to me which I want to share with you. And hopefully, it will create a domino effect on you guys of taking action. Let’s see what did I do that you could implement in your life.

Face Your Fear

My Video-Upload to Youtube

I finally did it! I could convince myself to record a video and upload it to Youtube.

This video is part of something that means a lot to me. Not because of the video itself but more so the step into the unknown. I was used to be afraid of standing in front of the camera. I was shy to say what I really want to say and the biggest thing for me I felt like an ego. Not willing to help others.

I always tried to focus on myself on how to get better and become a better person without considering helping others or how others can impact my improvement. Some of you might laugh and I am definitely one of them. I mean come on, How can somebody else help me to be a better person?!

So please take a look at the Youtube Video and if you liked it a thumb up. This video is more or less an introduction video where I explain what my goals and intentions are.

The “Help myself” to “Help Others” mindset shift

I think the first year of moving out of my home I heavily focused on helping myself. I was very focused on the fact that I was the victim and Other people had their money from somewhere else so they had it easier than me. The truth is I was wrong… My mindest was wrongly wired. I saw the bad things happening to me and made others look not as great because of their fortune of having a jump start or similar,

Unfortunately, I can not remember when and how that shift did happen. But I do know, my mindset began to shift when I removed other people out of my thought process. To fully see what the problem is. Why do I have no money? Why do I know anybody? Why am I a Roommate? Why don’t I speak well enough English? Why Don’t I live where the money is (Meaning big city with a lot of opportunities)? And every single question as to be answered with the main word ” I “. Because I knew, “The reason for …. is because of I…..” It always has to come back to me with what I can change. If I can’t change it then I must forget about it for a while. And that’s what made me focus exclusively on myself.

Now, that will help you to exercise the fact of: ” I am in charge of my own life and I am able to change everything”. But there is just one small downside to this. You might forget about the fact that others are eventually facing the same issue as much as you do. Some of them less and some of them more.

You’ll need to see yourself as part of the world.

But what does that mean?!

That simply means you do count as a person on earth, your change does not make a huge difference. But if you get hundreds of thousands of people to change because of your own change, you’ve made an incredible impact.

What is the one thing that changes your life?

Ok, the context of the answer starts with our teenage years when some of our classmates had their diary. Some of the girls I was used to hanging out with shared their dairy with me. I always respected people’s idea of starting something new. Therefore My friends shared it with me. The other guys were making fun of a journey and just moved on.

At that time I did not see the value of the dairy.

The one thing is called: “Documentation”. You’ll need to document your life, your process, your progress, your development or your journey. Whether it is written, audio recorded or video recorded.

The beauty of recordings is you are able to show emotions, mimics, and the actual progress. Those recordings don’t have to be public but it has to be stored.

This will give you the ultimate chance to improve your skills immediately without any missing points.

Let us know what you think about the idea that documenting your progress will change your life. Help me to support others to achieve their goals by sharing this post.

Keep Smiling and – Be Great –

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