Finding my purpose

Niclas Haritos Formula One Dream

I lost my focus for quite some time. I did not know why I am trying to start a business. It was not for the freedom, and it was not for showing off. Was it to make the world a better place? Unfortunately, that was not the case either.

It’s a little selfish. 

I remembered why I started in the first place. I wanted to afford a season in Formula 4. I wanted to be a pilot — Drive, enjoy the speed, and forget about the outside world. I want to give you an idea of how much it cost to ‘just’ drive. A season costs roughly $200.000 ( includes travels, Accommodation, insurance, participation fees, tires, fuel, Track usage fees).

Avoiding the selfish

2020 has changed my behaviors in terms of social media usage. I spend more time on social media than ever before. That changed my thought pattern. I wanted to “have a cause to change the world” purpose. I found something I was interested in, but it did not lit up how I think about formula one. However, I felt terrible for not wanting to change the world like everyone else. 

Your dreams are precious. 

Suppose I could talk to my 18-year-old self. I would let young Niclas know to hold on to his dream. Improve the communication skills and overcome the fear of talking about his plans. I also would give him proof of why I know that it will pay off. In 2017, It grabbed my passion, and I reach out to every team in Formula 4. Two teams responded, and one team offered me a seat as a pilot for the next season. The only perk I needed to deliver is the money. Nobody knew that I crave the chance of driving. 

Forget about others

It might sound rough or rude. I got to say I want to be in that sport. It is not improving the environment, nor does it cure any diseases. But I feel I want to give other kids the opportunity to have the experience that I couldn’t get because of the lack of money. I won’t act as a sponsor in the long haul. Regardless, I want to drive one championship in formula 1. I want to be historically the oldest rookie ever entered the formula one.

But I have to let the money talk first before I can show my eagerness to succeed on the circuit.

Until then, grind and make it happen.

See you next time.

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