One Day or Day One

Sometimes, we answer with that very common statement. “One day, I’ll be doing….” We give ourselves permission to wait on those things we really want to do. I am not saying waiting is bad but ready further and you will notice the differentiator between waiting and preparing.

Beginning start with your first step.
Just start. That’s the beginning.

Day One happens with your confidence

I observed a few different people including myself. I wanted to see when we are getting “ready” to take action. And more importantly what makes us uncomfortable to say it is going to be day ONE. First, I was certain about the uncertainty of getting it right or not. Being scared about failure is a common objective to get started.  We would like to postpone the event if it is nothing urgent.

The reality is not just scarcity or uncertainty. It is also a lack of preparation. In other words, being lazy to get ready. Me, as an on-going businessman, is trying to evaluate myself on a daily basis to assure pure success. I talked and thought about my very own “Day One” and caught myself saying “One Day, I will publish motivational content”. So what did happen to my “Day One”? I had a lack of experience that could potentially harm my overall appearance. Well, that is what I thought.

Reality does look different. Let’s take a look at highly successful people, we are able to see the pattern of doing things first before monetizing their skills. All of them, who are well know in the modern world had a start which was not even close to a good performance. Because of that, their priority was more a “Day One” mindset than a “One Day”.  They were so confident in their idea that they’ve started doing instead of daydreaming. They knew it has to work out.

What should we do if we see day one actually becomes one day?!

Please don’t worry about your “Day One”. But do yourself a favor and be aware of that shift. Confidence will come with your practice and exercises. Some things can not be practiced as much as other things. To give you an example of mine, I always dreamed of living in California. My Sentence was formed as following: ” One day I am going to live in California.” That was my statement as a teenager who knew he wanted to explore a different culture. When I turned 18 and finished my Highschool I continued saying: “One day I will….” I wasn’t good at English and I haven’t had the confidence in moving over there by myself. I would be the first person in my family who would have to take the action and leave everything behind to get there.

At 22 after my Bechalors graduation, I changed my “One Day” into “Day ONE” by setting me the timer for Dec 2nd, 2016. It changed because of some personal events but also of my increased confidence that I am going to “survive” here. I was so confident about it that I did go over here even with school debt on Germany. I knew that this will be manageable.

Now, what should you do?

I highly recommend evaluating your knowledge about that one thing you are trying to achieve. In example, leaving the country is easy but establishing a life in a new country you’ve never been in might be a huge challenge with unexpected problems(Visa, work, Credit, Living). My point is, inform yourself about your next step. once you’ve found out a couple of things and you’ve created a plan that fits YOUR VERY OWN SITUATION then you should jump into the dark and risk it. Don’t be naive, but ready for possible setbacks.

Set a date (if it’s something life-impacting) and prepare yourself for your personal war with the uncertainty. Find potential problems and find 2 possible solutions for them. Prepare yourself for potential setbacks.


you are able to start now. You want to start post things in Social Media. Do it now. You want to start painting? Start painting now. You want to create music and beats? Guess what. start know and do YOUR THING, NOW.

The objection, being exhausted or lack of having time to do your dream is just an excuse to postpone your dream. Besides, the earlier you start the earlier you will find out if your dreams are your actual goals. You will never know until you’ve started the pursuit of your dream.

Now get out there and show what you got!

Don’t you dare to say: ” I will start tomorrow”. You are always able to start now. So do help me to reach our goal and do it NOW.

You have a different way of approaching your goals? Let me and other readers know how you did it? I would like to create a Facebook/LinkedIn Group to build a community that is encouraging us to start new great and amazing things to give ourselves the permission to reach our dreams and goals. Let me know if that would be interesting for you.

-Be Great-
Niclas H.


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